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All text is the copyright of andie j.p. frankham. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced in any material form without the written permission of the copyright owner except in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Any authorised act in this respect may lead to legal proceedings, including a civil claim for damages.

Due to my own personal convictions, I have felt the need to scrap Vampyre War the way it was, and start again from scratch. This was needed to maintain my own artistic integrity. Apologies to those who were enjoying it as it was. The good news is that the following "taster" is still part of the same basic plot, with the same main characters. It is just the emphasis that has been twisted on its axis. For further information feel free to contact me at the usual email address.

WARNING:The following work contains some strong language and sexual references that some people may find offensive.


andie j.p. frankham

escape needed

He ran, and he hid. They found him, so he ran and hid. This was the life that thirteen-year-old Jake Franklin seemed destined to endure everyday after school. What a life... He had never done anything wrong. He was good at school. Hell, he even did games, and everyone knew how much he hated games. It wasn’t so much participating in sport that he hated, so much as what happened afterwards. In the changing rooms. In the showers.

He couldn’t help it, and he tried so hard to be discreet, to not be seen by the other boys. But they always seemed to notice him. Most of them would say nothing, just look at him like he was a blue skinned alien or something. But they all knew. The only two who made anything of it were Rob and Brian. Those two were the biggest in their year. Not only were they taller, stronger, and better looking, but also they had advanced through puberty a lot quicker than the other boys had. And there lay the problem.

In the showers Jake did his best to look at the wall, or close his eyes while washing the sweat off his body, but always his eyes drifted. Down they went, looking across at the other boys in the showers. Looking at their genitals. Some were bigger than his own, others smaller. But it did not matter to him. Every one was of interest. Especially Rob and Brian’s. The pubic hair was full and it brought the worst out in young Jake.

‘Look at the little poof!’ Brian would say through gritted teeth. And then he would point at Jake’s own lower regions. ’Is this a turn on for you, then, poof?’

Jake would rush to get dressed, rush to hide his embarrassment. And they would chase him.

He glanced back and saw that they were catching up. Then he saw his salvation. Coming along, across the road, was a bus. Jake ran again. Across the road he went, waving his hand out at the bus. It came to a stop and Jake jumped onboard. If nothing else, at least he would be safe on the bus with the other passengers. He did not look up, in case the others on the bus would be able to see the look of fear written all over his face. If there was one thing worse than being bullied it was having strangers involving themselves.

He paid his fair and headed onto the top deck. Most people tended to be on the upper deck, so he would be safer there. He went directly to the rear of the deck without once glancing up from the floor in front of him. Jake sat down heavily and closed his eyes. His breath was shallow, and the beating of his heart was ringing in his ears. But beyond that he could hear Rob and Brian getting onboard. And he could hear Brian speaking.

‘Good timing, Dad.’


‘Is that the kid you were on about, son?’


‘Yeah, that’s the little faggot bastard.’


A laugh, followed by the driver’s voice. Brian’s Dad the bus driver. ’A couple more times around the block then, boys?’

Jake opened his eyes and looked up. To his horror he noticed the top deck was empty, no doubt like the rest of the bus. He had walked right into it. The two boys had chased him this way, knowing that Brian’s Dad was waiting. And now there was nowhere to go.


Jake screwed his eyes shut and said a quick prayer. When he opened them Rob and Brian were standing on the top deck. They looked at each other and smiled, then turned to Jake. ‘This will teach you to keep your eyes to yourself, you little wanker.’

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October 17th 2000