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"I am what you have made me to be. I am a symptom of your
Christian Culture, the biggest Satan of all. This is your world
in which I grow. And I will grow to hate you."


The All British Frankie Wormboy

October 31st 2000 ~
not my usual look November 9th 2000 ~
the Real Andie

As times goes by I find that I tend to attach identities to my various character traits, and the more I grow as a person, the more those traits grow. Throughout 2000 I have gone by the handle "Frankie Wormboy" on the internet. That is handle I attribute to my angrier side, the side of me that was coming to grips with who I am. I have now pretty much passed that stage, and as a result I have grown once again. Although Frankie Wormboy is still very much me, the handle I tend to go by now is "Coma Black".

Coma Black is a name of a song from Marilyn Manson's new album Holy Wood (In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death). At this point in time the album is not released and I do not know what the song is about. But I do know I like the name of the song, and I have taken it on as my next stage. The term "coma" often refers to someone who is in a deep sleep for a long time. To me this refers to my past. The past seven years have been put to rest, and will remain in a deep sleep. Not that I will forget them, but they are history, and history they will remain. Of course "black" tends to refer to bad things. Things best left unspoken, things not thought about, things left in the attic. For me nothing is unbreachable. For me "black" refers to the anger and passion that drives people to change this world. So, the past is resting, and the passion lives on. A handle of opposites. Coma Black.

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